Garden Hack of the Month: Uses for Pool Noodles

June 19, 2019

As fun as pool noodles are in the pool or the lake, they’re actually quite useful throughout the garden as well.

For delicate fruits and veggies like tomatoes or beans, you can use them as a cushy top on the cage for the vines and stems to rest on. Cut the pool noodle to the size of your cage and cut open one side of the noodle. Slip the open side on the top of the cage and you’re set. This will help stems and vines from crimping over. You can also place pool noodles on top of trellis’ and fences.

If you’re in the garden raking up leaves or yard clippings, you can put a pool noodle in the bag to hold it open if you don’t have a friend to help you out.

If you need a quick knee protector, layout a pool noodle on the ground to protect from gravel and other hard surfaces. It’s not the best for longer periods of time but works well if you need something in a hurry.

Vibrations from mowers can cause pain in hands, wrists, and arms. A pool noodle wrapped around the handle might help.

This isn’t exactly a garden use, but pieces of pool noodles can be slipped over trampoline springs to protect kids from pinches.

After you’re done in the garden and you’re putting tools and gardening clothes away, put 2 pieces of pool noodles in your boots to keep them standing upright so they don’t flop at the ankle and crack. What pool noodle tricks have you tried in your garden? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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