Can I install my landscape design in phases?

March 4, 2014

Often we come across clients, much like ourselves, that have bigger ideas than their budget can handle. This is not always as much of a problem as it may sound like.  The answer… Creating a landscape master plan.

A master plan of your landscape is an all-encompassing plan that includes all of the elements that you wish for your space and creates the vision for the end goal of your garden.

Phased landscape master plan Sublime Garden Design

Phased landscape master plan
Sublime Garden Design

A landscape master plan can then be sectioned out into that can be installed in smaller portions as allows. The installation of the entire master plan may take 1 year, 5 years, or more depending on how long your wish list is.

Having a landscape master plan ensures that even though you install your landscape in small pieces it still looks well thought out and cohesive, as if it were installed all at once.

Phased landscape installation can be helpful whether you plan to install the landscape yourself or with a contractor’s help.  It can be just as helpful for the contractor to know the end goal as it is for the designer.

Edmonds Backyard Landscape

Edmonds Backyard Landscape

For example: if you have a contractor install your patio for you as part of phase 1 it would be very important for them to know that you plan to install a water feature and an overhead structure in future phases. In phase 1 preparations for future elements can be installed to make future phases more efficient.

This is also very important during the designing of the landscape master plan, as locations of footings for future structures will be critical to the efficiency of phasing and maintaining some flexibility with the design.

That being said, the method of installation is just as important to the design as knowing if you plan to install in phases. When designing your garden we will take into account the degree of difficulty for elements that the owner plans to install themselves. Everyone has different skills and comfort level. There are also some items that are usually better left to the professionals.

Water feature rock setting Sublime Garden Design

Water feature rock setting
Sublime Garden Design

When it comes to installing a landscape design with a combination of owner installation and contractor installation there are a lot of logistics involved that are unique to every project. Sometimes this can be handled by separating them into separate phases.

Completed landscape master plan Sublime Garden Design

Completed landscape master plan
Sublime Garden Design

A garden is not only an investment in your home but an investment in your personal well being.  A master plan is the perfect way to avoid limiting yourself and truly get what you want out of your space, even if it takes a while. Gardens, like their owners, are always evolving!

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