Cool Conifers!

June 11, 2014

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by conifers.  These evergreen trees and shrubs add great winter interest and texture to a garden. I’m amazed at the huge variety of cool conifers in nurseries.

A Few weeks back I took a walk through McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery in Snohomish and found a number of conifers that caught my eye.

Whether you want dwarf and compact growth, vibrant color or screening trees there is a great conifer out there for your garden.  I love the vibrant new growth and colorful young cones on conifers this time of year. Here are a few to check out…





Any great design should have a balance of evergreen and deciduous plants to provide year round interest.

Need help incorporating conifers and other evergreen plants into your garden?  Our amazing team of designers and landscape architects would love to help.  Contact us and tell us more about your project!

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