Fireplace or Fire Pit ?

June 7, 2014

As the days get warmer so do the nights and the garden draws us outside later in the day. What better way to enjoy your garden than to gather around the fire with friends.

S’mores anyone?

People naturally gather around fire. Creating a gathering space defines an area as an outdoor room. Both fire pits and fireplaces have benefits and both are a great addition to any garden.

Gathering around the fire- Sammamish, WA -Sublime Garden Design

Gathering around the fire- Sammamish, WA -Sublime Garden Design

Fire pits and Fireplaces create very different atmospheres, material choices also make a big difference in the feel that is created. The materials used can create something very rustic with a campfire vibe or something very formal and elegant… and anything in between.

Rustic fire pit- Snohomish, WA – Sublime Garden Design

One benefit to a fire pit is the amount of people that can gather around it.  Whereas a fireplace is limited by the space to gather around. The mood you want to create with fire can also dictate which will work better for you as well. Fireplaces create a more formal space and fire pits tend to be less formal and more rustic.

Eldorado Stone Fireplace

Eldorado Stone Fireplace

Both fire pits and fireplaces can be created to be either gas or wood burning. Both options come with their benefits and disadvantages. The main benefit to gas is the ease of use – being able to turn it on instantly and not having to worry about smoke. The disadvantage is the heat output of a gas fire is typically less than that of a wood fire. Gas is not an option for everyone though, and even if it is available the output of the existing meter (especially in older homes) might not be enough to handle the extra usage.

Gas fire pit - Mercer Island residence

Gas fire pit, Mercer Island residence – Sublime Garden Design

The creation of an outdoor room focused on a fire element can extend your usage of the space. Being able to stay warm outside will usually keep people lingering into the night longer. Fire pits can also become a multiple use element as well if they have a lid to create a table space when not in use, further expanding how you can use the space.

Table top over fire - Snohomish, WA -Sublime Garden Design

Table top over fire – Snohomish, WA -Sublime Garden Design

Whether it is a fireplace or a fire pit , wood burning or gas: adding a fire element to your garden is a great addition.

Mercer Island Fire Pit - Sublime Garden Design

Mercer Island Fire Pit – Sublime Garden Design

We would love to help you design your new outdoor room to gather around the fire with friends. We have a few great s’mores recipes to share too!


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