Inside Landscape Architecture and Design: Not Your Ordinary Box

July 6, 2012

Many designers and contractors pride themselves on having a particular style or specialty. We pride ourselves on our ability to design to any style and cater our abilities to the client. Each client and each space has specific characteristics that can be brought into the landscape design to make it spectacular. Designing the same elements in each landscape and making them fit into the different spaces or for the different clients always looks different for each client.

A family gathers around their new fire pit in this Sammamish backyard

This circular sunken fire pit creates a separate room yet allows ample space for the whole family to enjoy it

We look at each new space and each new client as a way to make ourselves grow and stretch as designers. As designers it is our job to listen and comprehend. During that process we are also reading between the lines and finding avenues for compromise between spouses that may not have the same priorities.

built-in gas fire pit

The shape and placement of this gas fire pit allows it to be enjoyed from the lawn and the patio

Styles can range from midcentury modern to craftsman to contemporary to country cottage. Each of the spaces can contain the same elements such as a fire pit or raised beds for growing edibles, but each will have its own design, and own personality that speaks for the space. I often return to the old worn out phrase of ‘thinking outside the box’. It isn’t necessarily thinking outside of the box but thinking of something other than the box.

Stone planters for growing vegetables

These organically shaped raised beds constructed from natural stone soften the sharp angles of this backyard and give a natural feel

It is easy to let the constraints of a site or a client dictate the design which can sometimes hinder the creative process. By turning those constraints into possibility and potential the space can transform into something much more.


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