Plants in Bloom: March Flowers

March 25, 2014

With our recent burst of sunshine during this first week of spring I decided to take a stroll through some local gardens.  The educational arboretum at Lake Washington Tech’s Horticulture Complex and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  Both are open to the public and free to visit.  There are so many flowers blooming in March that we often forget about.  From bulbs, perennials, shrubs, trees and even vines you garden can be filled with color in March.

March flowering plants to catch your eye:

 Bulbs and Perennials


Trees, Shrubs and Vines

Other honorable mentions not pictured above but worth checking out:  Brunnera macrophylla, Clematis armandii (Evergreen clematis), Cornus mas (Cornelian cherry), Oemleria cerasiformis (Indian plum, native), Acer rubrum (Red maple, small but cute flowers).

Do you have other great March blooming plants we’ve left off this list?  Leave us a comment to let us know so we can share it with others.


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