The benefits of having a design

August 24, 2016

Managing and establishing expectations is one of the most critical elements to any project.

We have found that having a design is the most useful tool in managing expectations.Sublime Garden Design Plan

A well planned and executed design does not happen by chance and is not just hocus pocus. There is a lot of forethought, knowledge, skill, passion, and consideration put into your landscape design.

Here are some of the key benefits to having a design:

  1. A detailed design will make it possible to get an accurate bid for the work. (what to expect the project to cost)
  2. A design will have already worked out the site constrains and challenges like slopes to determine the best approach. (will you expect stairs, steep slopes, drainage provisions?)
  3. A design plans for optimal spatial relations and flow through the site. (can you expect your current patio furniture to fit? Do you expect to be able to traverse the site with a lawn mower or wheel barrow?)
  4. A design sets the expectation for how the finished project will look. There are so many options for details, materials, and style to determine long before construction.
  5. A design establishes the scope of the project so that the contractor can plan their schedule accordingly. (how long to expect the project to take)

The more information given to your designer the better they can plan for and manage your expectations for the project. Keeping in mind the end result and knowing the expectation for the final outcome while creating the design is imperative. As designers we try to expect the unexpected as much as possible.

Being able to troubleshoot a problem before it happens is an invaluable benefit of a well thought out design.


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