Garden Hack of the Month: Love Bugs

February 14, 2018

You know who could you use a little love this Valentine’s Day? Those little bugs and insects out in your chilly garden right now! In one way or another, most of those love bugs are doing great things for your garden and ecosystem.

Some insects, like dragonflies, ground beetles, and ladybugs, will help control the “bad” bugs that eat plants and other annoying pests like mosquitoes, while others like black soldier flies break down organic material making your soil healthier and more fertile over the long run.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

But what about the bad bugs and pests that hang out in your garden? As annoying as they are, it’s best to remember that nature knows best. You can think of the bad bugs and pests as the food for the good ones. Without the bad ones, like aphids and spider mites, the beneficial insects in your garden would have a hard time surviving. Using synthetic chemicals throughout your yard and garden to spray for pests not only eliminates the bad insects, but also the good ones as well and you can end up in a synthetic chemical cycle that is hard to get out of and makes it hard for your garden to recuperate from.

If you’d like more information about the different kinds of lesser known beneficial insects for your garden and how they can help you out, you can learn more here.

What’s your favorite beneficial insect? Let’s show those bugs some love!

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