Plant of the month: Shindeshojo Japanese Maple

May 1, 2014

Everyone seems to love Japanese Maples.  From the twisting and turning branches of the weeping forms to the diverse leaf shapes and colors in the upright forms, there is so much to love.  It seems that no matter your need or desire there is likely a maple to fit.

We have so many favorite Japanese Maples but in early May one really shines.

Acer palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’ burst into spring with pink new growth.

Acer palmatum 'Shindeshojo' Photo courtesy Great Plant Picks

Acer palmatum ‘Shindeshojo’
*Photo courtesy Great Plant Picks

Pops of pink new growth continue to adorn the tree often through June.  As summer sets the foliage becomes green with red edged and eventually a nice light green.

Shindeshojo is a small upright maple that is perfectly suited to growing in small yards or containers.  If grown in a container we recommend protecting it from the hottest afternoon sun unless it receives regular irrigation during the summer.

In fall Acer p. ‘Shindeshojo’ turns pink with shades of apricot and often bright fire engine red.

Acer p. shindeshojo spring foliage *photo courtesy S.M. (snohomish)

Acer p. ‘Shindeshojo’ spring foliage
*many thanks to S.M. of Sammamish for sharing this photo

We love Shindeshojo maple for it’s year round interest in the garden.  Even in the winter when it’s lost all of it’s leaves the branches add structure and interest in the garden.

May’s plant of the month, Shindeshojo Maple, is a great choice for any garden or patio.  Even if you don’t have room stop in your local nursery this month to enjoy the spring colors.



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