Fun New Plants for Spring

March 10, 2017

Recently, on a rare sunny day, we made a visit to one of our favorite nurseries, T & L, and seeing all the plants in bloom got us so excited for warmer weather and spring flowers. While there we also came across some great, new plants!

Here’s a couple of our favorite new ones.

  • Helleborus ‘Ice N’ Roses’- This hellebore series comes in pink, white, and red and unlike other varieties of hellebores, has upward facing blooms.
Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses'

Helleborus ‘Ice N’ Roses’

  • Helleborus ‘Karina Green’- Karina Green Hellebore is part of the Gold Collection and has white and green flowers with dark green foliage.
Helleborus 'Karina Green' Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

Helleborus ‘Karina Green’ Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

  • Helleborus ‘Marlon’- Also part of the Gold Collection, the Marlon Hellebore has cream colored flowers that change to green on reddish brown stems.
Helleborus 'Marlon' Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

Helleborus ‘Marlon’ Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

  • Helleborus x lemonnierii ‘MadameLemonnier’- This hellebore is another upward facing variety that has large, light pink flowers.
Madame Lemonnier Lenten Rose (Helleborus x lemonnierii 'MadameLemonnier')

Helleborus x lemonnierii ‘MadameLemonnier’

  • Carex ‘Feather Falls’- This new grass is much hardier and sun tolerant compared to other varieties of carex. Feather Falls is evergreen and won’t scorch in direct sunlight. Thick leaves have pale yellow margins with green centers.
Feather Falls Variegated Sedge (Carex 'Feather Falls') Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

Feather Falls Variegated Sedge (Carex ‘Feather Falls’) Photo Courtesy of T & L Nursery

Another great place to discover new plants are the many botanic gardens and arboretums that are in our area. With Spring just around the corner, it’s a great time to take a stroll and see what you can find. One garden that’s free and open year-round to the public is at McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell. They have multiple gardens that you can walk through including a native planting area, a desert area, a meadow area, a tropical oasis in the Northshore Lagoon, and an edibles garden. Some fun facts about the gardens: the edibles garden is completely organic and many vegetables and herbs are used by the executive chef; and the native planting area has only plants that grow in this area and no bed amendments were made before planting so it is in a completely natural state. While there you can also get a bite to eat or take a dip in the heated salt water pool or even catch a movie!

Have you found any new plants or new handy tools that you love to use in your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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