Plants For Your Late Fall Garden

November 13, 2015

Take time to look at the bright side. The rains have officially returned to the Pacific Northwest, and they’ve brought the overcast days with them. Even though the weather might be a little dreary, I keep reminding myself not to complain; a couple months ago we were experiencing a scorching drought!  If you look around your garden and find… Read more >

April Plant of the Month – Pieris japonica

April 16, 2015

We love plants that provide year round interest, and Pieris japonica is one of them! If you’ve been out enjoying this beautiful Northwest weather, you may have noticed this shrub blooming in shades of white, pink, or fuchsia. Commonly known as Lily of the Valley Shrub, it produces long strands of adorable little bell-shaped flowers… Read more >

Cool Conifers!

June 11, 2014

Here in the Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by conifers.  These evergreen trees and shrubs add great winter interest and texture to a garden. I’m amazed at the huge variety of cool conifers in nurseries. A Few weeks back I took a walk through McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery in Snohomish and found a number of conifers that… Read more >