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May 18, 2015

I’d like to dedicate this blog post to all of our readers out there who self-identify as crazy cat people. You know who you are.

If you have a cat, where is your cat’s favorite spot in the house? Sitting in the window, watching the birds, and yearning to be outside? Chances are he’s also a door-dasher. You open the door to leave for work, but like a flash he’s through your legs, out the door, and now you’re on your hands and knees trying to bribe Milo out from his favorite hiding spot while he sits there with a smug look on his face. He knows what he’s doing; Milo just wants to be outside. Maybe all he needs is a catio. Yes, a catio: a patio for cats.

Cat window 2 450x300

A Windowbox Catio (Credit:

Catio small enclosure 640x392

A Catio Enclosure (Credit:

As a landscape design company, we get all sorts of questions about dog-friendly landscapes. Why can’t we share the outdoors with cats also? If you consider little Milo to be just as much a part of the family as any human, then you may want to consider installing a catio as your next home improvement project. Catios are all about the health and happiness of your cat. It is a mentally stimulating space that also provides fresh air, exercise, sun bathing, and bird watching for your cat. Everyone wants to be outside when we have a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, and this includes little Milo! One of the great things about catios is that they keep everybody safe. The songbirds and wildlife stay safe from your cat, and your cat stays safe from dangers of the neighborhood, like busy traffic or other territorial cats.

Cat Seahawks 464x372

A Seahawks Catio (Credit:


A Catio Paradise (Credit:

Catios come in any size and any style you can imagine. It could be a simple window seat for a single cat, an outdoor enclosure for multiple cats (often referred to as a cattery), or a large enclosed patio designed specifically for cats and their owners to enjoy together. What might you find in these larger outdoor enclosures? You’ll find cozy furniture or structures for napping and perching on, scratching posts, maybe a small water feature, and cat-friendly plants such as cat grass, lemon grass, catnip, cat mint, and valerian.

That’s it, folks! Catios. Go ahead and file this information under “Well, hmph – that’s interesting.” Hope you learned something new today!


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