Irrigation Systems: Advice from an Expert

May 19, 2017

It does nothing but rain in the Northwest…not so We are starting to see a break in the rain finally, and before we know it summer will be here (fingers crossed). If you’ve ever spent a summer as a slave to your hose trying to keep your garden watered, you know that it does not… Read more >

Mushroom Fairy Ring Photo Courtesy of HGTV Mushrooms: Good or Bad Guys?

May 16, 2017

Around this time of year when we get a lot of rainfall, we start getting many questions about mushrooms growing in lawns. While mushrooms are sometimes seen as an eyesore, they actually aren’t cause for alarm and can be a sign of a healthy lawn. Why do mushrooms appear? Mushrooms will appear in your lawn for… Read more >

Outdoor Lighting: Advice from an Expert

March 17, 2017

Outdoor lighting is like the icing on the cake for your garden. Lighting extends the hours of the day that you can enjoy your garden while adding an additional element of viewing pleasure to the space. Most of our projects include lighting if it fits into the budget. One great thing about low voltage lighting… Read more >

Tree Topping Troubles

December 28, 2016

In the Fall and into Winter when heavy rains and wind storms hit our region, we see trees being topped left and right. Many people top trees in order to improve views, clear them from power lines, or to try to reduce the number of branches that fall during a storm. But, what most don’t know,… Read more >

Frosted Succulent Winter Garden Tasks You May Not Think Of

December 21, 2016

Although the cold weather makes us want to stay inside as much as possible, there are a handful of winter garden tasks you may want to do to keep your garden looking its best. If you have container gardens, make sure you continue to water them throughout the winter. This is especially important if you have… Read more >