Landscape Design: More Than Just Plants

August 25, 2017

Plants play a very important role in any garden but there is much more to a well-designed garden than just plants. The design of any garden or landscape starts with the structure and hardscape. Landscape design is an art that involves the use of a very wide range of mediums beyond just plants, like: concrete,… Read more >

A deck as an outdoor room

March 18, 2016

Have a deck project on your mind… So do we! Let me walk you through the installation of a deck we recently completed. This is not your average deck. This deck is truly more of an addition to their home than ’just a deck’. The only thing missing is a bedroom. The client had an… Read more >

3D Design: Bringing a space to life

July 8, 2014

Seeing a space in 3-D is a skill that the average homeowner does not always have. As a designer it is often second nature, and we are always striving to help our clients better visualize and understand their designs. Using 3D modeling software can help in designing a space or just to portray the design… Read more >

How much does a landscape design cost?

February 12, 2014

How much do you charge for a landscape design? This has to be one of the questions we get asked most frequently.  And understandably so. Landscaping can be a considerable investment and one that can and should add value to your home. If you have never worked with any type of designer or architect before,… Read more >

How are the display gardens at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show created?

February 1, 2014

Spring is knocking on our doorstep…today is the first day of setup at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show!!!! With spring right around the corner, there are many home and garden related shows coming up. We might be biased but the Northwest Flower and Garden Show is by far our favorite and a must see! The… Read more >