Art in the Garden: A Simple Way to Transform Your Garden from Boring to Bold

August 23, 2012

Create A Garden As Unique As You Are Using Art

Art is a timeless expression of style. Finding a piece of art that speaks to you may be easier than finding the perfect place to put it. The garden is an ideal place to showcase art and creates a unique expression of style in your garden. Finding that perfect piece of art for your garden is just as important as finding that special piece that you display above your mantle in your home.


Garden Art

A Sculpture by Robert Fairfax in his own garden


There are a lot of ways to create different styles within your garden through shape, form, and plant selection. A few selective pieces of artwork that work with the style of the garden can add that extra personality your garden may be lacking.


Art in the Garden

This simple gazing ball adds visual impact and echoes the color of the Barberry below


Art pieces can be simple or be one of a kind pieces created specifically for you and your space. Garden art can also be found at specialty garden stores, flea markets, and even salvage yards.


Garden Art

These bent pieces of copper create a year-round (low maintenance!) sculptural display nestled in this large urn


One of the things to consider when selecting pieces of art for outdoors is whether it can withstand cold temperatures and the elements.  Some pieces may need to be brought indoors for the winter to protect them.


Edmonds garden tour 7-15-12 (8)

This glass ‘flower’ is blooming even as others begin to fade


Another consideration is scale.  The size of the piece relative to its surroundings will determine its visual impact. Generally, you will want to think on a larger scale for a focal point so that it doesn’t get ‘lost’ in the garden. If you are interested in garden art or need help selecting a piece a garden designer will likely have some great ideas of what to look for or where to find it.


Art in the garden

This rusted steel sphere creates a stunning contrast of textures amongst the ferns and lush plantings in this garden designed by Vanessa Nagel, APLD


So go for it…add some art to you garden and make your garden a true expression of your style and personality!


Woodinville garden tour 7-21-12 (15)

These glass pieces, created by artist Barbara Sanderson, light up at night and blend beautifully with the Astible planted below


We’d love to hear from you and how you incorporated unique art into your garden.  Please share your thoughts below!





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