Sublime Garden Design: A new chapter begins…

January 22, 2014

Last Friday we celebrated the opening of our brand new design studio at 127 Ave A, Ste. 102 in Snohomish, WA.

Sublime open house

We were thrilled to ‘officially’ open our doors and celebrate with several of our clients, contractors, vendors, family and friends!

Sublime Garden Design studio (2)

The opening was a culmination of six weeks of hard work that started with refinishing concrete floors, to painting, replacing trim, furnishing and creating a place that felt like us.

Studio beforerefinishing concrete floors

It has long been a dream of mine to have a place that we could meet with clients and work as a team that was both inspiring and also allowed us to be focused and efficient in a way that was becoming difficult in our overcrowded home offices.

Sublime studio and open house

When we ventured upon this journey we started by asking ourselves questions about how we wanted to work, what was important to us and our clients, and how we wanted the space to feel. These are all questions we ask our clients during the landscape design process.

Sublime Garden Design studio (1)

I think the best part of the process was that we did it together- as a team.  Not unlike creating a garden, the feeling you have about a space is different when you play a part in creating that space.

Sublime Garden Design studio (3)

Everyone’s opinions were considered and it was important that the space reflect our individual personalities as well as our professional needs.

Sublime Garden Design studio (4)

What we have created is an uncluttered space with simple décor, adorned with photos of our work to both convey to our clients what we do but also to remind us of what we have accomplished and why we come to work each day.

Sublime Garden Design studio (7)

Each photo of a client’s garden brings back a set of memories and the things we learned during each project.

Sublime Studio

We want to thank all of you that came to celebrate with us! We also want to thank artist Steve Farris for providing us with 3 beautiful steel urns, and Jennifer Asher from TerraTrellis for providing us with a Lazio Vase Trellis and  Toki Bubble Trellis.

Sublime Garden Design studio (5)

And a special thanks to Simply Rocks, AW Pottery, Western Nursery Sales, McAuliffe’s Valley Nursery, SnoGro Indoor Gardening Supply, T&L Nursery and Authors Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz for generously donating items for our door prizes.

Steve Farris steel urns

We hope you will come by and say hello if you are in the neighborhood!

Sublime Garden Design Team

Kryssie, Heidi & Jen (left to right), Courtney and Devin (not pictured)


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