Incorporating Art Into The Landscape

April 17, 2018

Whether you’re wanting to make a statement, add a soothing element, or wanting to support local artists, incorporating art into your landscape can be fun and rewarding for you and your guests. Art pieces can be great conversation starters and can help accentuate certain features of your garden; they can serve a functional role in… Read more >

Garden Hack of the Month: Save Money on Your Water Bill – Use A Rain Barrel

April 10, 2018

With our rainy spring weather hitting us in full force, many of us are probably in the mindset that we don’t need to worry so much about watering our plants right now. But what happens in the middle of July or August when the summer heat really sets in? While your plants might not need… Read more >

Wabi-Sabi Gardening: Managing vs Maintaining Your Landscape

March 16, 2018

Wabi-Sabi, an idea found throughout Zen Buddhism, can be described as “beauty in imperfection” and the concept can be applied to many different parts of our lives, including gardening. Gardens that incorporate the theme of wabi-sabi typically include both natural and man-made materials with organic forms. Plants are chosen so that you can see the… Read more >

Protein Packed Plants You Can Grow in Your Garden

March 14, 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard of the trend #meatlessmondays and there’s tons of people out there that practice that. But what if you’re trying to go #meatlesseveryday? Whether it’s for health reasons or you just don’t feel like eating meat, it can sometimes be tricky to find protein options that are yummy and help fill you… Read more >

Garden Hack of the Month: Perennial Fruits & Veggies

March 7, 2018

We all love our perennial flowers because we can get them planted and established and then they continue to bloom year after year without a ton of fuss. But what about the fruits and veggies in your garden? We spend a lot of time amending the soil, sowing seeds, watering, keeping pests (and our furry… Read more >